The Call To Ministry

Please take time to read about the Ministries that exist within the Good Shepherd Community. Feel free to contact any of the heads of ministries to become involved in the group of your choice.

1.  Evangelization

This group reaches out to both Catholics and non-Catholics with the intention of sharing the faith. A new Executive Body was appointed early in 2011.

Mrs. Madge Ramsay– Chair

Mrs. Lena McNaughton—Vice

Mrs. Cissie Brown—Secretary

Contact: Madge Ramsay –

2.  Hospitality

This team provides refreshment for visitors and parishioners during special functions, as well as after Mass. They also provide tokens/ breakfast for special events including  Fathers’ & Mothers’ Day.

Contact : Georgia Haber-Ramsay

3.  Liturgical

The Committee is comprised of representatives from all Ministries. The Liturgical Committee also educates the community about their role in the liturgy, eg. saying and singing responses at Mass, and knowing the proper times to bow, kneel, genuflect, stand and sit.

The committee has worked with the priest and pastoral workers to prepare the church environment for the liturgy to reflect the current liturgical season.  These duties include preparation of the floral and decorating materials, including banners, evaluation of the way feasts and seasons were celebrated. The committee also acted on feedback from parishioners.

This committee is the avenue for communication between the ministry groups in the parish. At present, not all the groups are represented.

We would like to encourage each ministry to elect a representative to the Liturgical Committee.

Contact: Brenda Francis –

4.  Men’s Fellowship

This support group meets to share the Catholic faith and experiences through friendship, prayer, and fraternity.

In 2010, the group saw an increase in its number and is now up to fifteen members. Membership is open to all men of the parish age 18 years and above. The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday after mass.

Contact: Deacon Mars

5.  Music Ministry

The aim of this Ministry is to lead the congregation in all liturgical celebrations through music.

The choir continues to embark on fundraising activities to sustain practice sessions and is committed to achieving consistency in its stewardship role through ministering to the community.

Contact : Jacqueline McNaughton – jacquesmcn@hotmail

6.  RCIA

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (often abbreviated RCIA) is the process through which interested adults and older children are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life.

Contact:  Gloria Minott/Debbie Brown—

7.  St. Vincent de Paul Society 

The society was formed in 1833 and chief of its activities is to assist the needy, as well as to study and meditate on the word of God.  Current membership is eight persons.

The items distributed are accessed through Food for the Poor. The overseas conference (once per year),  donations, and the fifth Sunday collection help with funding. Distribution includes food, clothing, furniture, school uniforms and shoes.

Every 2 months, packages are distributed to 45 persons within the church and its surroundings. Funding for medical aid is also provided for a shut-in.

In  2011, the Society would like to see an increase in the membership and will continue with the food  distribution programme.

Congratulations to:

  • Mrs. Edris Haber, Chairperson for the St. Catherine Council
  • Ms. Desreen Miller,  Secretary for the Regional Council.
  • Ms. Patsy Douglas, Treasurer Conference

Contact: Edris Haber – 

8.  Stewardship

This Ministry encourages the community to practice stewardship as a way of life.  Over the past year, the main activities included supporting the evangelization committee in promoting visitor’s Sunday by providing  tags and welcoming visitors.

Contact: Keith Walters –

9.  Ushers

This group welcomes visitors, guides members during communion, takes a count of the attendance and acts as an information arm of the church.

Contact: Patsy Douglas—

10.  Women’s League

This group activities include visiting the sick, elderly and less fortunate. The Women’s League also helps with the central executive annual fund raiser. Each year, one student benefits from the fund raising activity of the Women’s League.

Contact: Janis Bennett-Brown

11. Youth Ministry

The aim of the group is to develop well-grounded and spiritually minded youth through various activities, so as to make them more aware of their apostolic and evangelical responsibilities to the group, the parish and the community in general.


12. Couples for Christ

Contact: Vernal & Lola Rose


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