New Year…New Vision

Keith Walters - Chairman, Stewardship Committee

I want to take this medium to thank members of the Stewardship Committee and the Church community at large for the successes of the past year.  The success of our Witness Talks, Visitors’ Sundays, Stewardship Fair but most of all the hope that our efforts to improve Stewardship among our congregants took us closer to our main goal of making our community a Stewardship Parish.

The year 2011 has come to a close and as we look back I’m sure there was positive accomplishments and areas for improvement. We have discovered that Stewardship in many ways is not just a program with a beginning and an end, we now see it as a journey which we’re all on together as followers of Christ and this is the reason we  continue to mobilize others to share their gifts and to encourage all members of Good Shepherd to join at least one Ministry.

One of the great errors people make is to think it’s all about financial matters.

The message is much more spiritual than financial. It’s all about an attitude of gratitude – to focus on what you have rather than don’t have … to use various God-given gifts not because you feel obligated, but because of gratitude for what you have.

As we enter the New Year I ask that we all re-commit ourselves. Do your own self-searching; see where you need to improve. “Am I mixing-up my wants and my needs which could be holding me back from sharing my gifts with the Community.”

The Pastoral Letter on Stewardship calls us to be “mature disciples who make a conscious decision to follow Jesus no matter what the cost.” One hallmark of mature disciples is coming to the realization that we can never have it all or do it all. We need to create a plan for what we do want to have and accomplish. But before we can create that plan, we need to do some discernment about what God would like us to have and accomplish.  We need to be always mindful of the fact that while Society says “you collect and gather, stewardship says you share.”

“It all comes down to Jesus’ call to love one another … which in the end is based on service to others.”

I look forward to your continued support in the coming year as we institute new programmes and policies as we continue improving our Stewardship.

Have A Blessed New Year!

Keith A. Walters
Stewardship Chair


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