Stewardship…Sharing our Time, Talent & Treasure

Keith Walters - Chairman, Stewardship Committee

We must continue to give God thanks for the effort of our members who continue to display their Stewardship commitment by sharing their gifts with the community. I must single out our “Communications Chair”, Mrs. Joy Chambers who is currently designing a News Blog for the Stewardship Committee. This means that using modern technology we will soon be able to communicate with the wider community bringing news, views, and gather feedback on our activities.

The Stewardship ministry is focused on promoting Christian stewardship of the gifts that God has entrusted to us.  The various Ministries at Good Shepherd have been contributing significantly to the growth of Stewardship in the parish. Our Choir has grown by leaps and bounds. The Women’s League, our largest ministry, continues to display great enthusiasm in their work. Week after week, our Hospitality Ministry continues to provide refreshment for Parishioners after mass at their own expense. The tireless efforts of the RCIA and Sunday school groups provide continuous Religious Education for the young and old in our parish. Groups like the Ushers, Liturgical and Altar servers continue to serve the community efficiently at our masses. There are many other groups and individuals, some working behind the scenes, that tirelessly contribute to improving religious life in the Good Shepherd parish by the way of our stewardship.

It’s also encouraging to see the improvement in our collection over the past months, as parishioners have been fairly consistent in their contributions towards meeting the financial goals of our community.

We will continue to seek with the Holy Spirit’s help to accept the Church’s invitation to develop and use our personal gifts of time, talent and resources to integrate the practice of stewardship throughout the parish.

I’m grateful to all members of the parish who have supported this Ministry, and by extension the Parish, and I look forward to your continued support.

God Bless You.

Keith A. Walters

Stewardship Chair


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