The Unsung Disciples…

Stewardship in Action

In each print edition of our newsletter, we will be featuring a group from the church and the work they are doing to strengthen the body of Christ.  This month, the spotlight will be on the group of women who clean and decorate the church.

We don’t often think about this group of people when we’re in church on a Sunday morning, but isn’t it wonderful to absorb the word of God in clean and aesthetically pleasing surrounding?  The team of  Hope Chambers, Jean Jackson, Leonie McDonald, Rhona Merrick, Genevieve Reid, Pearline Salmon, Sister V and Weglyn Webb  can be found at Good Shepherd on a Saturday morning cleaning the church. They are not compensated, as they see what they do as part of their service to God

Ever notice the beautiful backdrop on the altar that changes with the seasons? Hope Chambers, along with Brenda Francis and Sybil Newman,  does the job of creating and hanging the material that beautifies the altar.  Asked how she fell into the role, she noted that more than three years ago, she started assisting the person who was making them at that time.  After a while, she took over the job and has continued to be a faithful servant ever since. Despite the challenges she faces, as she is still studying, she makes the time on a Saturday evening to make the changes to the backdrop, according to the seasons.

Hope Chambers

Mrs. Shirley Dennis, Ms. Sybil Reeves and Leonie McDonald are some the dedicated Sacristans of this Church.

Genevieve Reid and Rhona Merritt are recently two of the three women behind the preparation of the altar, the communion vessels and all the linen used in the Mass.  In carrying out their functions, they work on Saturdays, and before Mass and are usually seen after the celebration going quietly about their duties.

Genevieve Reid & Rhona Merrick

The call to Stewardship extends even further in this direction. We take for granted the banners that display messages from the Gospel. They hang from the rostrum and we see them, but do we think about the talent and dedication that go into creating them?

They all started with Mr. Lonsdale Waite. This steward has been giving his service of creativity for many years. He discovered his talent at an early age and made his artistic   talent a profession.

Lonsdale Waite

Mrs. Brenda Francis, Church Council president and Chairperson of the Liturgical Committee can often be found on a  Saturday evening with Mr. Everton Street, creating beautiful floral arrangements.

She goes all out to ensure that the          Liturgical season is reflected in the decor of the altar and the Church especially during Advent, Christmas, Easter and other special events.

Wouldn’t you agree that without the people working behind the scenes, our experience at Mass would be less enjoyable?

Mrs. Brenda Francis, Church Council President & Liturgical Committee Chairperson

With that in mind, we extend thanks to our brothers and sisters for all they do to ensure a wonderful Sunday morning experience.


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